Faux Finishing

Expand your concept of color. Include the multidimensional softness of a color-washed sky at twilight, or the look of fine linen or raw silk. Let your inspiration be your guide to transform your home’s surfaces into visually stunning décor by using a few simple faux painting techniques.

Create a colorful, functional chalkboard in any room with chalkboard paint that’s erasable, washable, and durable. Great for offices and for play rooms, this unique finish can be applied to specific areas in shapes for an added element of fun!

Imagine the walls of a room bathed in the ethereal hues of twilight. When we apply the color washing finishing technique, any room in your home can take on a soft and more inviting look and feel.

Add a classy, understated and dramatic effect to any room with the softly textured look of dry brushing. The light, multi-shaded cross-hashing pattern gives the impression of linen. This customer favorite is a simple and elegant way to turn your ordinary space into an inviting and comfortable retreat.

To give any wall in your house a mottled, parchment look, Wall-Pro can fresco your rooms with Benjamin Moore latex paints and glazing liquids. The Fresco look makes for a beautiful accent wall and lends an air of timeless sophistication to any interior while softening the ambiance  of your overall decor.

Decorative elements, such as painting geometric shapes, can highlight color depth and increase light reflection for to create a radiant glow. Wall-Pro can use elegant finishes from Benjamin Moore by themselves, or add a translucent, veiled effect to walls, trim, and accent pieces by custom blending them with latex glazes.

Like the idea of glitter but afraid it might be over the top? Wall-Pro custom blends the perfect finish that is at once, understated and exciting! Tiny specks of reflective material in the finish catch the light, adding a whimsical twinkle to rooms or painted furnishings. It can be applied either as a transparent topcoat over any painted surfaces, or as a veil of sparkle on walls or craft projects.

By giving the appearance of shifting color density, paint ragging evokes the timeless appeal of well-worn leather or soft, faded chambray. As with the more common sponging technique, different effects can be achieved by applying or removing glaze with a rag or cloth.

Smooshing may sound funny, but this is a powerful technique Wall-Pro can apply to lend your rooms the elegant look of moiré wall coverings or a simple marbled effect. With our professional experience and practiced technique you are sure to love the added elegance of this timeless classic.

Sponging paint is one of the most popular and commonly attempted techniques. While it is often thought to be an “easy faux finish”, the quality craftsmanship of a professional is always recognizable. When done right, sponging can give your walls the delicate, mottled look of aged porcelain, or the dramatic look of rustic stoneware.

Strie is a strange sounding word that was adapted from the French word meaning striate or stripe. So, strie painting is a technique that gives your walls, doors or panels a slightly striped or streaked appearance. We custom blend a glaze for your project and apply over a base color to give your room a light texture that is simple and sophisticated.

Wall-Pro can give your walls a sandstone texture with tiny granules that absorb and reflect light. Using Benjamin Moore’s Latex Texture Sand we can hide minor imperfections with the depth and tactile appeal of a fine, textured painting. Its natural, earthy feel also evokes the organic tones of stone and sand.

Give any room a light and sophisticated style with subtle wall stripes, which add a touch of texture and sheen for a soft, subtle look. The style goes well with pale-toned furnishings and rich fabrics or with luxurious accents such as large pillows and lush window treatments.