A Designer’s Thoughts On Color

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I recently read an article about Mario Buatta, a well known New York decorator. Buatta’s vast client list includes a star studded cast from Barbara Walters to Billy Joel.

Buatta’s passion for color is unapologetic. I would like to share some of Buatta’s key thoughts on color, which I am in complete agreement with!

“You’ve got to break the rules. Be daring. Don’t do another white room”

– Buatta –

And his thoughts on paint?
“A can of paint can change everything.” Oh, yes it can!

Buatta’s thoughts on the ceiling are simple. Paint it! “The ceiling is the forgotten surface. Paint it a color…a pale-blue ceiling brings in the sky; a yellow ceiling adds sunshine”, says Buatta.

And what of the “bones” of the room? If they are less than desireable, Buatta says to “Paint them out”. Doors, windows frames and moldings will disappear if you paint them the same color as the walls. It will hide a million mistakes.” Buatta also suggests adding texture to your walls through using paint effects (glazing/faux finishes). (This is a grand thought!)

Adding color to your life can change how you live in a space. It will affect how you decorate a room, and what you do in a room. Add paint, add color, and live beautifully!